Overdue Book Fines – No More!

February 21, 2019
by Clear Creek County Library District Staff

In the last year, many public libraries in Colorado and across the country made a big decision: to no longer charge patrons for overdue materials. Why? Fines often are not huge streams of revenue for a library, and more importantly, they often do more harm than good. They can cause frustration and shame, and they can even stop individuals from coming in to the library.

Literacy and access are at the heart of what public libraries do, and the same goes for our libraries here in Clear Creek County. So, as of January 18, we no longer charge fines for overdue reading materials, and existing fines for overdue reading materials have been erased. We want our community to feel welcome in our spaces, and we want you to be able to read.

Questions? We’ve got answers!

Which items are reading materials?
Reading materials include books, magazines, audio books, and books on CD.

What about DVDs?
We still charge fines for overdue DVDs.

What if I lose or damage an item?
An item is considered lost if it hasn’t been returned 90 days past its original checkout date. Fees for lost items are based on the cost of the item. Returned items that are damaged beyond repair will also incur a fee based on the cost of the item. Fees for lost or damaged items must be covered before you can check out additional materials.

If I have fines or fees on my account, can I check out materials?
You can check out reading materials if you have fines for DVDs on your account, but you cannot check out DVDs until those fines have been paid. You cannot check out any items if you have fees for lost or damaged items on your account.

How can I pay off my fines?
You can pay overdue DVD fines or fees for lost/damaged items with cash or check, or we’re happy to let you work or read off your fines. Talk to a librarian for more information.